Tuesday, March 31, 2009


In just 25 days Joey and I will be married! I can hardly believe it. I know what you're thinking "what about all the plans?!" and "why haven't you kept up with your blogs?" It is true, I haven't kept up with this blog like I said I would--but we have been as busy as bees since the shower on 3/14.

I fitted my wedding dress on 3/13 and it still looked spectacular. On 3/14 was the shower (I told you about that). Then last weekend Joey and I decided we needed a break and went to Disneyland on Sunday on a whim. It was a rainy morning so we thought it wouldn't be that crowded---as it turned out it was a beautiful sunny day and crowded. We still had fun though going on rides we haven't been on recently (and probably won't go on anytime soon). It was a nice relaxing break from wedding stuff.

On Friday last week I took a half day and my parents came down to attend some final meetings. We went to see the florist and also to the venue. Everything is coming together well. Remember tomorrow is the final day to send in your responses! If you haven't let us know yet....your in trouble ;)

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